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TatoFood offers traditional jacket and loaded potatoes that are healthy and delicious. Our Tatos served with various different toppings that are sustainably & locally sourced.

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But why can’t fast food be good food?

Tato offers a new model for fast food in Halifax; one that won’t cost you your health or the health of the planet. There is overwhelming evidence that our modern food environment relies on heavily processed, convenience foods that are contributing to a range of chronic diseases. The appeal of fast food is exactly that—it’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s tasty. 


Sustainably Sourced

Our motto, Good Food Fast, not only reflects our effort to make tasty, nutritious food convenient; it also considers the greater good by operating sustainably and supporting other organizations in doing so. We make every effort to minimize our ecological footprint by choosing containers, cutlery, and napkins that are compostable; cooking with an energy efficient oven; and purchasing our ingredients from local farms where we can.


Nutritionally Balanced

At Tato we believe that fast food can be good food too – for you and for the planet. Our fresh-baked potatoes are quick to order, conveniently available on weekends downtown, and at a price that won’t break the bank. This low-fat, fibrous, and vitamin-rich veggie can be served with a range of seasonally sourced toppings that cater to all tastes, including options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets.

TatoFood Global News Interview


How did it all started ?

I have been in Halifax for over three  years now. I first came to Canada as a exchange student in high school and decided to continue to my university education in here, since I  loved living in Nova Scotia. Of course, there have been huge cultural changes for me such as food, size of the cities and the people. But thanks to welcoming locals here, adapting myself to this great community wasn’t hard and so far I am so happy to be living in here. 

My part of the story started before I came to Canada. I was a chubby kid, not caring what I was putting in my body and had several health problems like high cholesterol. In my first year in Canada I decided to change my lifestyle, I started working out, eating healthy and to have an active lifestyle. During this process I was constantly in search for healthy and fast food options. And noticed that there is a lack of healthy street food options in our city Halifax. This gave me the initial idea to bring cultural and healthy dishes from my home country Turkey to Canada. I decided to start with trying out our most popular street food option in Turkey called “Kumpir” which is simply delicious baked potatoes with healthy toppings.  

I am still pursuing my studies at Saint Mary’s University. I am aged 20, looking for new opportunities to grow my business idea, have experience in the local markets and to contribute to our city and province by providing what I do best. I love what I do. Which I believe is the essential formula to be successful in what I do. I will be trying new tastes and ideas in the future. Thank you so much for supporting us!


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